Young Love – Sonny James  Lyrics

November 26, 2008

Young Love - Sonny JamesAlbum: N/A
Genre: Country
Writer: Ric Cartey, Carole Joyner
Released: 1956
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The original version was recorder by Ric Cartey with The Jiva-Tones in 24th November, 1956, but James’ version became so popular and a number one hit on Billboard Magazine Charts. In fact, it was #2 on Best Seller Chart. The song is considered a classic from country music. There are different cover versions, the most popular were recorded by The Rolling Stones (1964), Connie Smith and Nat Stuckey (1969), Donny Osmond (1973) and Ray Stevens (1976). Sonny James is an American Country Singer who born in Hackleburg, Alabama. Nowadays, he is 79 years old. Two years ago, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. His last single released was A Free Romain’ Mind in 1983 which reached the peak position 58 on US Billboard Country Chart.

They say for every boy and girl,
There’s just one love in this old world,
And I, I kn-ow, I, I, I’ve found mine

The heavenly touch of your embrace,
Tells me no one will take your place,
A, A, A, A, ever in my heart

Young loooove, first looove,
Filled with trueee devotion,
Young loooove, ourrrr looove,
We share with deeeeep emotion

Just one kiss from your sweet lips,
Will tell me that your love is real,
And I, I, I can fe-el that it’s true

We will vow to one another,
There will never be another,
Looove for you, or for me

Young loooove, first loooove,
Filled with truuuue devotion,
Young loooove, our looooove,
We share with deep emotion