Come Undone – Duran Duran Lyrics
7 Feb 2011

Album: Duran Duran
Genre: Rock
Lyrics by: Duran Duran
Released: March, 1993

One of the most well-recognized singles by the English band Duran Duran is Come Undone, a rock song included on their record Duran Duran better knwon as The Wedding Album in 1993. The single was one of the only two lyrics that weren’t produced by John Jones and the same Duran Duran. In fact, the one wasn’t be included into this album cause Warren Cuccurrullo, the guitarist, was thinking about including in his personal musical project. It was when Simon Le Bon, the singer, began to use that lyrics on a new spot when the band really considered to make it part ¬†on this record. This year, they are gonna released their new work entitled All You Need is Now in March, 2011. The release date coincides with the 30th anniversary of their first release. The track listing is got nine singles with five other titles included as additional bonus track.

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